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Just Bid. Don't waste time in searching Tenders.

Don't waste time in searching Tenders.
Just bid in them. Our consulting division can help you find the right tender where you pre qualify. If consortium is allowed, we'll help you find the consortium partner. If subcontracting is allowed, we'll help you find the lead partner who is willing to sublet the work to you post winning the contract.

You can search tenders on your own by subscribing services. You can choose media you like i.e.

- Web Access
- Mobile App
- Daily Email Alerts
- or all of above

Do It Yourself (DIY) Model
Before you engage with us on long terms basis, we try us out for few Tenders. BTW, the first tender is FREE, on the house. Try it, today.

We are #1 Tender Portal as per Alexa / MCA

We are #1 Tender Portal as per Alexa
As per Alexa, the internet rating company Tender Tiger is the portal which gets maximum traffic compared to other tenders portal. By end of this fiscal, we will be getting more traffic than all our competitors put together. We are #1 Tender Portal as per MCA As per Ministry of Company Affairs we are the largest Tender portal in terms of Turnover. In fact our total revenues are more than consolidated  revenues of all our competitors put together. So avoid fly by night operators
We are #1 Tender Portal as per our Customers BHEL does 20,000 eTenders with us. SBI & ICICI Bank banks on us. We have more than 1 Million suppliers & thousands of buyers using TenderTiger. We look forward to an opportunity to serve you.
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Search Naturally e.g. Road Tender from Gujarat above 10 Cr, by PWD

Search Naturally TenderTiger is the first Tender Portal to enable natural search. You can search by typing normal phrase and our AI backed search engine will get you the precise tender. Try searching "Road tender from Gujarat above Rs. 10 Cr by PWD"
AI Powered Tender Portal We are changing the way you have been interacting with TenderTiger so far. Instead of you searching for tenders, our AI engine will be predicting the tender that you need. So instead of browsing 1000's of tenders, you will be just handful of them. All you will have to do is bid & win.
Being Pioneer Helps build our Machine learning alogrithm We have already initiated a program were our Machine Learning Algorithm have started crunching 100 Million odd tenders notices, documents to under stand what procurement is all about. You will soon see sparks of our AI/ML when you interact with

Pioneer of Tender Portal in India

We are the Pioneers
Our Founder - Ramesh Sinha launched the first Tender Portal in India way back in March 2000, during early Internet days. Since than we have come a long way having tracked 100 Million+ Tenders, enabled Millions of eTendering, Reverse Auction, eAuction worth Trillions of rupees and stopped counting.

Not just Tender Listing
We don't just help you find the right tender, we actually help you submit bid & win tender too. Apart from listing tender on TenderTiger, we also enable eTendering, Reverse Auction, eAuctions via our portal like AuctionTiger, ProcureTiger, abcProcure, etc. Our eProcurement suite is used by hundreds of Government agencies & private companies just to name few BPCL, BHEL, ICICI Bank, PMC, etc.

We enabled 2G Auction worth Rs.65000 Crores
We enabled Spectrum Auction worth Rs. Sixty Five Thousand Crores, or US$ 10 Billion worth of 2G Spectrum Auction was sold via our eAuction portal. You can trust us blindly, as Department of Telecommunication (DO…

ISO 9001 certification ensures Quality or 100% money back

7 steps ISO 9001 certified processes
To ensure that you get right tenders, on time, we have our 7 processes that are ISO 9001 certified such that the chances of errors & omission are minimum.

1. Aggregation - We crawl data from 30,000+ Websites & Newspapers from around the world. Speed is the key here.
2. Digitization - Date are Scanned & Read using our in-house developed OCR technology. Automation is the key here.
3. Classification - Data is classified using our AI software & doubled check by experts. Accuracy is the key here.
4. Dissemination - Data is updated realtime on our server that you can access via email alerts, app or website. 
5. Collaboration - To help you increase your winning charges we have inbuilt collaboration tool for estimation, joint venture, sub contracting, etc.
6. Submission - Once you find the right tenders, you can submit the bid on our eProcurement platform like AuctionTiger, ProcureTiger, abcProcure, etc.
7. Execution - We also help you execute cont…

ISO 27001 certification ensures 100% Confidentiality

Why is ISO 27001 is mandatory as per IT ACT 2000?
What if tender you view on TenderTiger gets shared with your competitors? To ensure that none of your transaction (tender you view,  document you download, bids you submit) ever gets compromised, Government of India has mandated that eTendering Service Providers should be ISO 27001 Certified company as per Information Technology Act 2000.

India's first ISO 27001 Certified eTendering Solution Provider
So relax, you can carelessly view tenders & auctions notices on You can view, bid, share, download, comment with 100% privacy. Our portals for Tender listing, eTednering, Reverse Auction, eAuction are guaranteed safe & secure. 
Don't just view Tenders, Bid online too  You can identify Tenders, Auction on & bid on our eProcurement portals -,, We not only help you identify opportunities, we also help you submit & win them.  We offer end to e…