ISO 9001 certification ensures Quality or 100% money back

7 steps ISO 9001 certified processes
To ensure that you get right tenders, on time, we have our 7 processes that are ISO 9001 certified such that the chances of errors & omission are minimum.

1. Aggregation - We crawl data from 30,000+ Websites & Newspapers from around the world. Speed is the key here.
2. Digitization - Date are Scanned & Read using our in-house developed OCR technology. Automation is the key here.
3. Classification - Data is classified using our AI software & doubled check by experts. Accuracy is the key here.
4. Dissemination - Data is updated realtime on our server that you can access via email alerts, app or website. 
5. Collaboration - To help you increase your winning charges we have inbuilt collaboration tool for estimation, joint venture, sub contracting, etc.
6. Submission - Once you find the right tenders, you can submit the bid on our eProcurement platform like AuctionTiger, ProcureTiger, abcProcure, etc.
7. Execution - We also help you execute contracts flawlessly with our Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) too, Project Management tool (

100% Money Back Offer.
Our ISO 9001 certified processes ensuring that, you will find ample of opportunities in form of Tender, Reverse Auction, Auction, Sub contracting, JV, etc. s on our portal. If you don't, we will refund your 100% money.




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