Search Naturally e.g. Road Tender from Gujarat above 10 Cr, by PWD

Search Naturally
TenderTiger is the first Tender Portal to enable natural search. You can search by typing normal phrase and our AI backed search engine will get you the precise tender. Try searching "Road tender from Gujarat above Rs. 10 Cr by PWD"

AI Powered Tender Portal
We are changing the way you have been interacting with TenderTiger so far. Instead of you searching for tenders, our AI engine will be predicting the tender that you need. So instead of browsing 1000's of tenders, you will be just handful of them. All you will have to do is bid & win.

Being Pioneer Helps build our Machine learning alogrithm
We have already initiated a program were our Machine Learning Algorithm have started crunching 100 Million odd tenders notices, documents to under stand what procurement is all about. You will soon see sparks of our AI/ML when you interact with


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