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Why Subscribe TenderTiger?

What's Included in the Subscription Plan: - Tender Notice of your choice - Tender Documents if available - Corrigendum if published - Set Reminders - Mark Tender as Favourite - Share Tender with your colleagues/friends - Post comments - Hashtags Tenders for categories

360 Degree Access for you & your Team - Daily Email Alerts - CC email for 3 colleagues - Website Access - Mobile App

What Service Fee is dependent on - It depends on the number of Product /Service Category you subscribe for - It depends on geography you are interested in i.e State, Country - It depends on duration i.e 1 year, 2 years, & so on.

Value Added Services: 1) Get Consortium Partners If you find Tender where you don't qualify on your own, we can help you find consortium partners such that you can bid as consortium partner & win. All you have to do is let us know for which Tender & Pre-qualification criteria consortium partner has to fulfill. We will help you find the right partner.

2) Get Sub Contractors/Suppl…